Mykonos Travel Guide

I have come to the conclusion that when you have no expectations, in the end everything turns out to be perfect. I had seen pictures of Mykonos lately, but I still could not imagined what it was like – unlike Paris, for example : I always had something for Paris … in my mind I had already sketched the whole city and its fairytale atmosphere… I could not have conceived it otherwise (but that’s another story – soon).

When I first stepped on the island, I was stunned. Everything was so different from what I had visited before. I think it was one of the best feelings in the world. From the typical blue & white houses and stone alleyways to the rustic windmills, it was beautiful beyond belief…


Where to stay

You can find stunning homes on this island, but you have to book them a few months before your departure. Although we have decided quite late, we had luck and we found Villa Vega, an Airbnb house far more amazing than we ever imagined.

! Mykonos is a pretty big island, so it’s important, especially if you don’t have a car, either to rent one or an atv, or to find a house near Mykonos town, where the main tourist attraction are.


Where to shoot

In my opinion, every single place in Mykonos is worth taking pictures of (as you can see), but indeed, there are some famous Instagrammable spots that are a MUST.


By the Windmills – you can take great shots with the famous windmills and the sea behind


In front of Skandinavian Bar-Disco


Kastro’s Bar


Near the churches





Sunset at Scorpios

We haven’t experienced the night life for which Mykonos is known, but we couldn’t have said that we have been in Mykonos and haven’t passed by Scorpios.




Where to eat

And here is my favorite part: THE FOOD. Although you can’t tell, food is my life haha. Nothing makes me happier than good food, so here are my favorite places to eat from Mykonos.


Nikolas Taverna – I could not recommend this place enough… Can you imagine that you can have the luxury to order anything without concerning that you won’t like it?? Either you are a seafood lover like me or you prefer any kind of meat, this is the place for you.


Fato A Mano – (English translation “home made” ) Here we had dinner. The food was excellent and the stuff was more than friendly (they were very helpful by giving us a headache pill for one of our friends)


Niko’s Taverna – Long story short: The best lobster pasta ever


D’Angelo – if you want to eat Italian food cooked by world renowned chefs with 20 years experience, do not miss this opportunity.

Hope you will find this travel guide useful! xx


Til next time, Mykonos!


*Another Mykonos travel guide by one of my favorite bloggers not Jess fashion*

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